Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) - 2012 call

Intelligent Energy - Europe covers action in the following fields:

1) Energy efficiency and rational use of energy resources (SAVE), including:

• improving energy efficiency and the rational use of energy, in particular in the building and industry sectors;
• supporting the preparation and application of legislative measures.

2) New and renewable energy resources (ALTENER), including:

• promoting new and renewable energy sources for centralised and decentralised production of electricity, heat and cooling, and thus supporting the diversification of energy sources;
• integrating new and renewable energy sources into the local environment and the energy systems;
• supporting the preparation and application of legislative measures.

3) Energy in transport (STEER) to promote energy efficiency and the use of new and renewable energies
sources in transport, including

• supporting initiatives relating to all energy aspects of transport and the diversification of fuels;
• promoting renewable fuels and energy efficiency in transport;
• supporting the preparation and application of legislative measures.

4) ntegrated initiatives combining several of the above specific fields or relating to certain EU priorities.

They may include actions integrating energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in several sectors of the economy and/or combining various instruments, tools and actors within the same action or project.

Actions supported in the framework of the IEE II programme have a significant impact at European level, a high profile and the broadest possible relevance to European citizens and policies. In this context, preference is given to proposals of outstanding quality that present cost-effective arrangements and a significant dimension.

The above fields, objectives, and instruments are valid for the whole Programme duration, i.e. from 2007 to 2013. However each annual work programme sets a number of more specific, action-related objectives. Those relative to the call for proposals 2012 have been set in the annual work programme 2012, adopted by the European Commission on 20 December 20118. They are summarised hereafter.

It is expected that this call for proposals will result in about 60 projects being supported.

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8 de maio de 2012 ás 17:00 (hora local de Bruxelas). Excepción: Iniciativa “Build Up Skills” (dentro das "Accións integradas"), que pecha o 9 de febreiro para as accións do Pilar I, e 30 de abril para as accións do Pilar II
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67 M€

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