A convocatoria abre 9 topics para Collaborative Projects, Collaborative project for specific international
cooperation action (SICA), Coordination and Support Action.

- ENERGY.2011.2.3-2: Development of design tools for Offshore Wind farm clusters

- ENERGY.2011.2.5-1: Thermal energy storage for CSP plants

- ENERGY.2011.2.5-2 Advanced heat transfer fluids for CSP technology

- ENERGY.2011.3.7-1: Development of new or improved sustainable bio-energy carriers

- ENERGY.2011.4.1-1: Revisiting solarthermal systems for using breakthroughs in scientific and technological fields

- ENERGY.2011.5.1-1: High-efficiency post-combustion solvent-based capture processes.

- ENERGY.2011.5.2-1: Understanding the long-term fate of geologically stored CO2.

- ENERGY.2011.6.1-1: Optimisation of IGCC technologies for use with high ash content coal

- ENERGY.2011.7.2-1: Innovative tools for the future coordinated and stable operation of the pan-European electricity transmission system

- ENERGY.2011.7.2-2:Innovative strategies and tools for the reliability assessment of the pan-European electricity transmission network

- ENERGY.2011.7.3-1: Network of projects developing the future European electricity networks

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